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Since 1996 Webcon Corporation is your source for contract electronic engineering services


Since 1996 Webcon Corporation is your source for contract electronic engineering services.

If you are looking to outsource your next electronic engineering project than Webcon Corporation is your answer.

Webcon Corporation is an electronics engineering product design consulting firm that specializes in the design and development of new electronic products. We can help design, develop, prototype, and manufacture your new product. Webcon Corporation is a complete product development services.

Our talented team of electrical engineers will provide you with excellent electrical engineering support, and the solution you need to development your new or redesigned electronic product.

Our highly experienced engineers can take your product idea from prototype to manufacturing without the extra cost of your company hiring addtional staff engineers.

Experience Serving Leading Industrial Companies in the area of

Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, and Medical Electronics


Just to mention a few of our Engineering Services.

  • Electronic Engineering Consulting Service.

  • Electronic Product Design.

  • Automotive Electronics.

  • Medical Electronics.

  • Industrial Electronics

  • Areospace Electronics

  • Circuit Board Design, and PCB Layout.

  • Digital Circuit Design.

  • Analog Circuit Design

  • Electronic Controls.

  • Embedded Systems.

  • RF Design.

  • Appliance Controls.

  • Circuit Redesign

  • Conceptual Design Service.






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